Is this website being updated frequently?
My family lost our home in the Marshall Fire and we need support in other areas beyond what this website provides.
Where should I direct questions about mold, remediation and air quality?
Is Xcel resident rebuild incentives a bill credit or a rebate and when do I receive the rebate?
When do I get the money?
What are the steps to comply and earn the incentive?
Can I have an ENERGY STAR/ZERH/Passive House architect design the house and then build it myself?
I own the home but it was a rental and the Xcel utility account was in my tenant’s name at the time of the fire, am I eligible for the incentives?
My house wasn’t destroyed in the fire, but I was affected. Why don’t I qualify for the Xcel incentives?
What does it take to build a Passive House?
If I choose not to reconnect to Xcel Energy gas services, will I be charged?
Do I have to go all electric to get these incentives?
What does “net zero” mean? Is it required?
What is the difference between all these building certifications?
What happens if I aim for the credit but don’t certify ENERGY STAR/ZERH/Passive House?
If I qualify for the IECC 2021 incentive, how much additional incentive would I get by achieving the Energy Star new certification program requirements? (is it $17,500 minus the $7500 for code compliance, or $17,500 plus the $7,500?)
Can Xcel create a tier (or include it in an existing tier) for the PHI Low Energy Standard?
What education resources are available for a builder wanting to build high-performance homes or specific to the certification programs?
Does the builder need to obtain certification for ENERGY STAR or ZERH or does only the home need to be certified?
What education resources are available to builders to ensure they are building high-performance homes/homes that meet the incentive certification programs?
Can I receive the federal renewable energy tax credit if I already received a tax credit previously on my home?

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