Communities co-host workshop series to cover resources on Rebuilding Better website

The Town of Superior, City of Louisville and Boulder County will host a series of in-person workshops and networking events this summer to help residents navigate the resources and tools available. Save the date on the evenings of June 1, July 13 and August 3 to get your questions answered by experts.

FREE Building Code Trainings for Building Professionals

The Colorado Energy Office and Xcel Energy offer no-cost training for builders, contractors, architects, building staff, and anyone who is interested in learning more about the 2021 I-Codes plus any amendments. Trainings can be customized to the audience’s needs and can be in-person, in the field, or via webinar.

Series on Rebuilding for Homeowners

The Colorado Green Building Guild (CGBG), with support from Boulder County, is hosting a year-long series on rebuilding. CGBG is a non-profit organization based in Boulder County that is run by volunteer building professionals (architects, builders, engineers, and building science interested individuals).


Past Trainings and Webinars

Below you will find recordings of previously completed trainings and webinars.

Colorado Energy Office & Louisville: Rethinking 2021 IECC

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Colorado Energy Office: Building Code Training – Residential Existing Buildings

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Colorado Energy Office: Building Code Training – Unusual Spaces and the Energy Code

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Colorado Energy Office: Building Code Training – What Inspectors Should Focus on in the Energy Code

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