Events, Trainings and Webinars

Below you will find current events, as well as recordings of previously completed trainings and webinars.

Chat with a Construction Team

Marshall ROC construction committee is hosting a ‘Chat with a Construction Team’ on the third Thursday’s of the month!

10am at the Marshall ROC | 357 McCaslin Boulevard, Suite 115b, Louisville, Colorado

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Free Seminars on Marshall Fire Rebuilding from Denver Metro HBA

The Home Builders Association of Metro Denver’s Marshall Fire Task Force hosted 17 free educational sessions for residents and businesses impacted by the Marshall Fire. The sessions include advice on selecting builders and contractors, understanding contracts, legal issues and insurance, securing financing and loans, and much more.

Marshall Fire Rebuilding Educational Series

Community Wildfire Protection Plan      

Learn about Community Wildfire Protection Plans, their purpose, vision and goals and the 2023 update process for Boulder County’s CWPP and opportunities for public input. View the recordings and presentations.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Wildfire Risk Assessment Open House  

Learn about Louisville’s Wildfire Risk Assessment, which seeks to identify hazards and risks and the development of mitigation opportunities for public lands. View the recording and presentation.


Wildfire Risk Assessment

Emergency Preparedness & Notifications 

Hear from experts on how to prepare for future emergencies and learn about Boulder County’s emergency notification systems and what recommendations from the Marshall Fire After-Action Report are in process. View the recording and presentation.



Emergency Preparedness & Notifications 

Hear from experts on how to use heat pumps and learn about how you can use them in your own home. View the zoom recording and other relevant information below. 


Heat Pump Requirements Recording

Living with Heat Pumps & Getting the Equipment Choice Right

Cold climate heat pumps can meet your home’s heating needs in Boulder County’s climate, with or without backup heat. However, not all heat pumps are made the same and careful selection is necessary. Also, heat pumps operate a little differently than furnaces.

This webinar recording for homeowners covered both what to look for in selecting a heat pumps and heat pump hot water heaters, including the criteria to earn incentives, and what to expect about living with heat pumps and heat pump hot water heaters. The hour-long presentation was followed by 30 minutes of question and answers with the participants.

Watch Living with Heat Pumps Video

Colorado Energy Office & Louisville: Rethinking 2021 IECC

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Colorado Energy Office: Building Code Training – Residential Existing Buildings

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Colorado Energy Office: Building Code Training – Unusual Spaces and the Energy Code

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Colorado Energy Office: Building Code Training – What Inspectors Should Focus on in the Energy Code

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