Incentive Programs Mapping Tool

The incentive programs mapping tool has been created to help identify the primary program requirements of available Marshall Fire incentive programs. Use this tool to see how incentive programs work, how they can build off of each other, and what major items are similar or different.

This is not an exhaustive list of incentive program requirements, see program documentation for exact requirements.
Download the Incentive Programs Mapping Tool

Xcel Energy’s Direct to Customer Incentives for Marshall Fire Affected Residents


Home Certification Standard Rebuilding Homeowner Incentive* New Homeowner Incentive**
2021 International Energy Conservation Code $7,500*** $0
ENERGY STAR® v3.2 $10,000 $1,250
Zero Energy Ready Homes v2 $12,500 $2,500
ENERGY STAR® New Certification $17,500 $5,000
Passive House (PHI/PHIUS) $37,500 $15,000

* Rebuilding Homeowner Incentives are available to Marshall Fire-affected residents who lost their home, choose to rebuild on their same parcel, and previously had an Xcel Energy account.

** New Homeowner Incentives are available to new residents who purchase a parcel where the home was destroyed by the Marshall Fire and build a new home.

***  Or equivalent required energy code. Where adopted by the municipality and if the homeowner does not opt out.

Xcel Energy Marshall Fire Reconstruction Rebates Registration

Xcel Energy has created a registration form to make an initial assessment of the prospective rebate claims for the Marshall Fire Recovery Reconstruction Program. Registration is not required to qualify for rebates, but strongly encouraged.

Homes that meet a different than indicated at preregistration are eligible for the performance met at project completion.

Marshall Fire Reconstruction Rebate Registration Form

Webinar Recording of How to Earn Xcel’s ENERGY STAR v3.2 and New Certification Incentives

Xcel Energy Webinar 4-27-2022 Slides

Webinar Recording of How to Earn Xcel’s Zero Energy Ready Homes v2 Incentive

Xcel Energy Webinar 4-28-2022 Slides


List of Building Professionals Interested in Supporting the Marshall Fire Rebuild

In an effort to facilitate match making between homeowners seeking to rebuild and professionals seeking to serve them, EnergySmart is maintaining a list of building professionals who have expressed interest in working on Marshall Fire rebuilds. The sole requirement to be on this list is to ask to be on it or do have participated in one of the Marshall Fire builder expos. EnergySmart and Boulder County make no representations or warranties regarding accuracy of information, quality of service or product, or proof of licenses or insurance for any company on this list. Nothing about the companies on this list has been vetted or verified by EnergySmart or Boulder County. Rebuilding residents may work with any vendor or contractor they wish and are not limited to those on this list.

This list is a work in progress and will be modified on a weekly basis as additional information becomes available.

List of Building Professionals

Are you a building professional and want to be added to the list or update your information?

Simply fill out this form

Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD/C) Hybrid On-demand

Starting September 9th
The Passive House Network (PHN) is offering this hybrid Certified Passive House Designer course and PHI certification exam for professional. Starting September 9th Flexibly paced. Exam Dec 6. Register & access content today

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Colorado Green Building Guild: Build Forward Workshop + Expo

October 15th, 2022
Join Colorado Green Building Guild for a day of workshops and exhibitions by some of the best in the business! The event will be hosted at the Superior Community Center on October 15th.

The Builder’s Workshop (9am – 4pm) will provide construction resources, structured around available Xcel Energy + State of Colorado Rebates anywhere in the performance spectrum from IECC 2021 energy code, up to Passive House standards. These tickets are available for BUILDERS ONLY.

The Expo + Open House (4pm – 8pm) invites the community together for food, beverages, and great company. Our keynote speaker will be followed by a happy hour featuring sponsor exhibits, a gallery of example projects and mock-ups.

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EnergySmart Marshall Fire Meeting For Production Builders

EnergySmart Marshall Fire Builder/Architect Meeting

Weekly Office Hours Wednesdays at 5pm

Starting July 20th, EnergySmart will host open office hours on Wednesdays from 5-6pm for residents to join a Zoom call where you can get your questions answered about the incentives and discounts that are available and how to access them as well as other high-performance building questions you may have.

Do you have questions now? No need to wait for the office hours. Contact EnergySmart today at or 303-544-1000.

Register Here

Frequently Asked Questions for Building Professionals

What are the steps to comply and earn Xcel Energy’s customer incentive?
Can I have an ENERGY STAR®/ZERH/Passive House architect design the house and then build it myself?
What happens if I aim for the credit but don’t certify ENERGY STAR®/ZERH/Passive House?
Does the builder need to obtain certification for ENERGY STAR® or ZERH or does only the home need to be certified?
What education resources are available to builders to ensure they are building high-performance homes/homes that meet the incentive certification programs?
Who do I contact about Xcel Energy’s incentives?