Discounts available for rebuilding

Generous companies have reached out to support residents in rebuilding high-performance homes after the Marshall Fire. Rebuilding residents may work with any vendor or contractor they wish and are not limited to those on the lists below. EnergySmart and Boulder County makes no representations or warranties regarding accuracy of information, quality of service or product, or proof of insurance for any company on this list.


The Home Builders Association (HBA) of Metro Denver’s Marshall Fire Task Force has been working with HBA Members to create a list of opportunities for savings to help families rebuild their homes. Click on the button below to see those offerings

Marshall Fire Vendor Discount Programs

Heating and Cooling Equipment

GeoSource Distributors – $1,000 to $3,800 rebate on the installation of a geothermal heat pump
Enertech USA – $750 rebate on eligible geothermal heat pumps
Mitsubishi Electric Trane USA (METUS) – 20% or more off eligible heat pump equipment
Daikin Comfort Technologies / Stevens Equipment Supply – 45% discount off of Daikin Ductless Heat Pump list prices, $850 off Daikin FIT Unitary systems, $850 off Daikin VRV systems
Federal Geothermal (Geoxchange/Ground Source Heat Pump) Tax Credit – 30% through 2032
State Grant Program of $2,000-$3,000/ton for geothermal (geoxchange/ground source heat pump)
State Income Tax Credit and Sales/Use and Property Tax Exemption for the purchase of ground and air source heat pump equipment

Solar Equipment

Solar United Neighbors (SUN) – Onsite solar, solar cooperative
SunShare – Community solar, nothing upfront or premium overtime
EnergySage – $200 cash back for installing solar, $75 for community solar subscribers

Other Equipment

Airsealing – 475 High Performance Building Supply – 20% off air sealing materials
Ventilation – 475 High Performance Building Supply – 20% off Lunos Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
Windows – Alpen High Performance Products – 20% off the Louisville window series
Federal Solar Energy Tax Credit – 26% in 2022 and 22% in 2023*
Schneider Electric – 10% discount on electrical panels, switches & outlets

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