Resources for financing a high-performance home

We’re rounding up the most up-to-date rebates, discounts, and incentives for households rebuilding after the Marshall Fire. The list is constantly changing and we’ll work to update this website accordingly.

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We know that rebuilding in the wake of a climate disaster is overwhelming. We are here to help you rebuild a safer and more resilient home that is also healthier and more comfortable for your family. If you’re not sure where to begin, our advisors are available to help answer questions and get you started.

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There are three unique financing opportunities available to households rebuilding high performance homes after the Marshall Fire.

The Marshall Fire Resilient Rebuild Assistance donor-advised fund was recently established at the Community Foundation.

Donor Contributions

The Governor’s Office is working with state legislators on appropriating additional funding for resilient rebuilding efforts.

Bill Text

The Colorado Clean Energy Fund is developing low interest financing options to implement high performance energy measures.


Is this a bill credit or a rebate?
When do I receive the rebate?
What are the steps to comply and earn the incentive?
Can I have an ENERGY STAR®/ZERH/Passive House architect design the house and then build it myself?
I own the home, but it was a rental, and the Xcel Energy utility account was in my tenant’s name at the time of the fire. Am I eligible for the incentives?
My house wasn’t destroyed in the fire, but I was affected. Why don’t I qualify for these incentives?
What does it take to build a Passive House?
Do I have to go all electric to get these incentives?
If I choose not to reconnect to Xcel Energy gas services, will I be charged?
What does “net zero” mean? Is it required?
What is the difference between all of the various building certifications?
What happens if I aim for the credit but don’t certify ENERGY STAR®/ZERH/Passive House?
Does the builder need to obtain certification for ENERGY STAR® or ZERH or does only the home need to be certified?
What education resources are available to builders to ensure they are building high-performance homes/homes that meet the incentive certification programs?