Xcel Energy Incentives for Rebuilding Residents

Xcel Energy is offering one-time incentives specifically for those who lost their homes in the Marshall Fires. As you look to rebuild your home, consider one of several ways to incorporate energy efficiency from the ground up.  The incentives will be paid out as a rebate at the time you take possession of your new house. These incentives apply to new homes built to replace properties destroyed in the Marshall Fire.

Home Certification Standard Rebuilding Homeowner Incentive* New Homeowner Incentive**
2021 International Energy Conservation Code $7,500*** $0
ENERGY STAR® v3.2 $10,000 $1,250
Zero Energy Ready Homes v2 $12,500 $2,500
ENERGY STAR® New Certification $17,500 $5,000
Passive House (PHI/PHIUS) $37,500 $15,000

* Rebuilding Homeowner Incentives are available to Marshall Fire-affected residents who lost their home, choose to rebuild on their same parcel, and previously had an Xcel Energy account.

** New Homeowner Incentives are available to new residents who purchase a parcel where the home was destroyed by the Marshall Fire and build a new home.

***  Or equivalent required energy code. Where adopted by the municipality and if the homeowner does not opt out.

Xcel Energy’s Marshall Fire Incentives FAQ
ENERGY STAR® Home v3.2
Department of Energy “Zero Energy Ready” Home
ENERGY STAR® New Certification (also known a NextGen)
Passive House Qualified

State Grant for Rebuilding Residents

The first offering in the sustainable rebuilding program will be a grant program that will provide $10,000 for high efficiency electric homes or rental units that are built to the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code, BuildSmart, or stronger standards. This will support the installation of heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and electric stoves (either electric resistance or induction), and may be combined with the incentive program offered by Xcel Energy for Marshall Fire victims. Only primary homes will be eligible (not vacation homes or other second homes). The intent will be to offer this in both the Marshall Fire and East Troublesome Fire areas, working collaboratively with local government. The details of timing and program administration are still being finalized.


Feel free to contact an energy advisor at 303-544-1000 or info@energysmartyes.com

If you have questions about Xcel’s energy incentives for rebuilding residents please contact Xcel Energy’s Community Recovery Line at 866-672-3834.