Electrify Everything in Your Rebuilt Home

As you rebuild, consider making your home all-electric.

It’s less expensive to both build AND operate an all-electric home, with no gas infrastructure needed, and no monthly gas connection fee.

Heat pumps make your home comfortable in both winter and summer, since they’re just air conditioners that can run in reverse to also heat.

Avoiding fossil combustion inside your home is healthier, with better indoor air quality, and no risk of carbon monoxide.

You will be more resilient to grid outages if you can run your home on solar panels and home battery storage.

You’ll lower your greenhouse gas emissions — towards zero if powered by renewables.

Additional resources:

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  2. Zero Emissions All-Electric Single Family Construction Guide — includes guidance on electric appliances: redwoodenergy.net/research
  3. Zero Net Energy Builder Resource Guide — a summary of actions for building an energy efficient home, to share with your builder: turnbullenergy.com/projects
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