Enter the Daikin and Mitsubishi Heat Pump Giveaway

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC U.S. and Daikin Comfort Technologies N.A. have each donated three of their heat pumps, to be awarded to income-qualified families rebuilding homes lost to the Marshall Fire. The application and selection process for awarding the heat pumps to qualified residents will be administered by a committee of staff from Boulder County, City of Louisville, Town of Superior, Energy Outreach Colorado, and each respective heat pump manufacturer. 

The application is NOW OPEN and will close on August 7. The application is available in English and Spanish. Prior to applying, please read below to learn more about requirements, find answers to commonly asked questions, and more. 

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The giveaway is open to residents who meet the following requirements: 

1 – Household Annual Adjusted Gross Income for 2022 falls at or below 80% of Boulder County’s Area Median Income (AMI). This translates to the following household populations and adjusted gross income levels for 2022: 

  • 1 Person – $74,400 USD
  • 2 People – $85,040 USD  
  • 3 People – $95,680 USD 
  • 4 People – $106,240 USD 
  • 5 People – $114,800 USD 
  • 6 People – $123,280 USD 
  • 7 People – $131,760 USD 
  • 8 People – $140,240 USD 
  • Each additional person: +$8,480 USD 

2 – The home being reconstructed on the homeowner’s lot of their former Marshall fire destroyed home is adhering to the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) 


3 – FOR MITSUBISHI UNIT ONLY: home being reconstructed is adhering to one or more of the following standards: 

Note: if you are selected to receive a Daikin or Mitsubishi heat pump (equipment only) you will be required to submit documentation to Energy Outreach Colorado for income verification purposes. A meeting will also be scheduled between you, your builder and/or architect, and manufacturer representatives from Daikin or Mitsubishi to select the appropriate eligible heat pump system for your new home and confirm delivery details. 

If you believe that you meet the above qualifications, click here to apply for the giveaway. 

Apply Here


Q: I would like to apply but need assistance in filling out the application form. How can I find assistance?  

A: For assistance in English or Spanish, please reach out to info@EnergySmartYES.com or call (303) 544-1000. 

Q: Why is this giveaway limited to income-qualified residents?  

A: Income requirements were determined per the terms provided by the heat pump manufacturers. 

Q: Who is Energy Outreach Colorado and how will they be verifying my income?  

A: Energy Outreach Colorado is a nonprofit organization based in Denver that leads a network of industry, state, and local partners working towards energy affordability, and is the primary organization tasked with energy assistance program in the state. For more information on how they may verify income eligibility for this giveaway, please reference the second page on this form here. 

Q: I purchased my lot after the Marshall Fire. Am I eligible to apply?  

A: Only those who lost their home to the Marshall Fire and are rebuilding on their original lot are eligible. 

Q: Am I allowed to pair the heat pump with a furnace?  

A: The Mitsubishi cold climate heat pumps are for only high performance all-electric homes, whereas the Daikin non-cold climate rated heat pumps may be appropriate for 2021 IECC compliant homes with a natural gas furnace as back-up.  Talk with a EnergySmart Marshall Fire rebuilding new home advisor to learn more.   

Q: Will I have the option to connect the heat pump to ductwork or will it be only a ductless option?  

A: Each participating heat pump manufacturer will endeavor to pair the appropriate heat pump with each winner’s house design. 

Q: If I plan to build my new home to Zero Energy Ready Homes v2 or Passive House (PHI/PHIUS) can I still apply?  

A: Yes 

Q: What if my rebuild process has already started?  

A: Please contact the EnergySmart Marshall Fire rebuilding new home advisor or ask our team at info@EnergySmartYES.com or (303) 544-1000.

Q: If I’ve already purchased a heat pump system, can I be reimbursed for that system if selected? 

A: No, this giveaway is for newly donated units only.


Boulder County is acting as the facilitator of this heat pump give-away and as such makes no representations or warranties as to the appropriateness of a heat pump for any home associated with this initiative.  It is solely the responsibility of the winners and their construction team to determine if the heat pump(s) being donated by the manufacturer is suitable for the new home.