Radiant Electric Cooktops

Radiant electric cooktops are more efficient than the traditional electric coil version and perform about as well as a gas cooktop. The most efficient electric cooking technology is induction, and induction cooktops deliver better cooking performance than gas, as demonstrated in the videos on this page. Induction cooking is faster, easy to control, and safer than cooking with gas or propane. In addition, because the surface does not heat up (only the pans and food), it is very easy and safe to clean up any spills.

Induction cooking works by creating a magnetic field between the cooking pan/pot and the magnetic coils beneath the cooking surface. The magnetic field then heats the content of the cooking pot. 

In order for cookware to perform on induction cooktops, it must contain iron (cast iron or some types of stainless steel) or have a layer of material with magnetic properties. Some stainless steel cookware does not work with induction – for example, if it is a blend of aluminum and stainless steel, or if the nickel content of the stainless steel is too high. However, some manufacturers of cookware are now putting a layer of magnetic material on the bottom of the pan/pot.

To tell if a pot or pan is compatible with your induction stove, hold a magnet to the bottom. If the magnet clings to the underside, the cookware will work on an induction cooktop. If the magnet grabs the pan softly, you may not have good success with it.

For more information, visit: https://loveelectric.org/cooking/

Portable Induction Cooktop Lending Program

Boulder County‘s Office of Sustainability, Climate Action and Resilience is offering a free, two-week loan of portable induction cooktops for residents to try cooking with induction technology. Please complete this sign-up form to request a cooktop.

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Induction Deep Dive with Chef Andrew Forlines

Induction Cooking Demo with Chef Martin Oswald

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