Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Energy

Solar PV technology captures the sun’s energy and turns it into usable electricity. For the technology to work the photovoltaic solar cell absorbs solar radiation. Once the suns energy interacts with the PV cell, electrons begin to move, creating a flow of electric current.

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Community Solar

Community solar, also known as solar gardens, consists of large solar PV systems that allow multiple customers receive the benefits of a solar PV system, without needing to install an onsite system. Through community solar you either subscribe to a certain number of panels or a certain amount of electricity production. The two main options for accessing community solar are through subscriptions and ownership, the most common being subscriptions.

  • Through a subscription, participants to become subscribers and typically agree to pay a fee that is lower than utility rates for the solar electricity produced. Bill credits for the electricity produced are then added to the utility bill.
  • Through ownership, participants to purchase a certain amount of the panels from the solar garden and receive the benefits of the electricity produced by those panels, similar to a rooftop system.

Interested in Community Solar?

Homeowners affected by the Marshall fire are eligible to sign up for community solar from Sunshare that is cost neutral to buying power from the grid.